Wednesday, February 14, 2001 Bucks County, Pennsylvania

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Bucks County Passports Offer Bargains
During National Tourism Month

Doylestown, PA - The Bucks County Conference & Visitors Bureau (BCCVB) has launched a new website called to promote its upcoming celebration of National Tourism Month during May, 2001. Over 50 BCCVB members, including a variety of the County's most popular attractions, museums, restaurants and shopping locations, will be offering discounts through "Bucks County Passports to Savings," which are being sold through the BCCVB, participants, local nonprofits (who are using Passport booklet sales as a fundraiser), and the website.

    The month-long promotion, entitled "Discover Bucks: Be A Tourist In Your Own County," is being sponsored by the Bucks County Commissioners, Sovereign Bank, BucksNet and a variety of local businesses who are involved in the travel industry. Tourism is an important part of the county's business activity, with visitors from around the world spending more than $500 million annually. During May, residents of the community and surrounding areas will have the opportunity to experience the many attractions, restaurants, and unique stores that attract a growing number of travelers to Bucks County.

    The Passport booklets, filled with coupons worth hundreds of dollars, will be sold at a nominal fee of $10. The booklet will offer a 50% discount off admission to participating attractions, 20% discounts off purchases at participating retail stores, and a variety of discounts in many Bucks County restaurants. Other valuable information about how to take full advantage of the book, and how best to get around the county, will also be included. Orders for the Passport booklets are being taken now, with fulfillment during April.

    As a corporate sponsor of the "Be A Tourist In Your Own County" celebration, BucksNet will be publishing a variety of travel-related articles in the coming months. Itineraries for a variety of Bucks County day trips will feature some of the BCCVB members whose coupons are in the Passport booklets, and special events around the county will be included on our Bucks County Events Calendar. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to get to know some of the great places right here in our own back yard.

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