Tuesday, November 7, 2000 Bucks County, Pennsylvania

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WHEELZ! of Bucks County
Needs Your Help!

WHEELZ! of Bucks County, a partnership comprised of the Bucks County Transportation Management Association (TMA) and various social service agencies in Bucks County, is looking for help. The WHEELZ! programs assists individuals moving from public assistance to the workforce by providing transportation in the form of donated cars. These vehicles must be in working condition and able to pass the state inspection.

    Individuals with no access to viable transportation cannot expect or hope to acquire and keep a job. The program has many struggling families on its waiting list. They have employment opportunities but no means of getting to work. The WHEELZ! program is making every effort to find vehicles to help as many recipients as possible. The individuals receiving cars are also using them to transport others to and from job interviews, day care centers and places of employment.

    The WHEELZ! program acts as a clearinghouse for vehicles only, and does not take title to or receive any compensation from any vehicle that is donated to the program. If you have a vehicle that you would consider donating to this program, or if you have any questions concerning the program, call the Bucks County TMA at 215-781-9281 or toll free at 1-866-TMA-RIDE.

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